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Four Delicious Flavors of Kombucha and One Nutrient Dense Snack

Image by Klara Avsenik

Plain Jane

Mom's Classic Kombucha with no added flavors for true Kombucha lovers; with subtle tang and carbonation added to an amazing and classic tea taste.


The OG

This Kombucha is packed with a punch of fresh squeezed Lemon and Ginger juice, known for its health benefits, the OG is the ultimate pair of taste and nutrition.

Hibiscus Flower

Lightning in a Bottle

An electrifyng blend of Hibiscus and Basil Tulsi is lighter than air and is the perfect kombucha for a new buch lover to try.


Purple Daze

Think classic grape juice... then add unicorns and rainbows. This Concord Grape and Acai Berry flavored buch is better than any grape juice you'll have, not to mention the countless tummy benefits.

Mom's Happy Snack Balls

Mom's Healthy Snack Balls

8 balls to a package (packages are completely compostable). Free of the Big 8 allergens, packed with delicious natural energy and loved by all ages.