Hello Dear Friends,

Now that we have officially entered Fall -the spookiest season of all- let's talk about some of our fears, and more importantly how we overcame them. So, we all have secrets... whether it's the fear of facing the truth, or the fear of showing a different side of yourself to the outside world, we all have secrets. So let's talk about one of mine.

I used to be afraid of Kombucha. That's right! The 'MOM' of Mom's Bucha used to be afraid of the big and scary Kombucha, and rightfully so! I mean have you seen a SCOBY? Not only did I not know how to make it, or even what it was, I was terrified to drink it. I had been recently introduced to Kombucha while I was volunteering at a local hot yoga studio and practicing weekly. All my fellow Yogis there was super into Kombucha and the studio chiller was always fully stocked.

So what happened you may be wondering? And how did it work out? Well at the end of a particularly hot yoga session on a particularly scorching day in Las Vegas, which is saying something, I was cleaning up and suddenly I felt like every muscle in my body had a cramp. I couldn't move. I was gasping for air. The manager ran over to me and thrust his drink bottle in my hand and said one word, "CHUG". I took a shaky breath and chugged it down. Immediately I felt relief as the cold bubbly beverage soothed my throat. I sat there on the floor and drank every last drop of that sweet and tangy drink. As my muscles began to relax and my thirst was quenched I realized what it was that I was drinking. Turns out it was none other than GT's Trilogy Kombucha. I was instantly hooked; I could not have enough of this bucha fast enough. Following my revelation, I began to do my own research. First finding out about its health benefits, then its rich and lengthy history, and finally it growing popularity; I was convinced I had to make my own. And, well, the rest is history (in the making).

I hope this story can help you to realize that our fears, can sometimes become out best friends. And if nothing else... Don't knock Kombucha before you try it! Love, Mom

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